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Character: Lady Trinity

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Character: Lady Trinity  Empty Character: Lady Trinity

Post  TrinityBlood on Sat Jul 14, 2012 1:48 am

Name: Trinity. Jedi and common civilians address her as Lady Trinity.

Age: ?

Gender: Female

Race: ?

Origin: ?

Bio: Trinity is a brilliant jedi. A beautiful being. A genius. At the age of 13 she could solve a maximum of three Riemann Hypothesis theories in under two minutes and 35 seconds. At the age of 14 she had trained her born ability of Telekinesis and Psychokinesis to a near god-like, sharp ability. At the age of 16, Trinity's mother, an old but beautiful jedi knight, taught her the ways of the force. Trinity had trained endlessly as the years had gone by. She was a cheerful, cunning and bright young girl. Until her mother, who was her only family member left was dying of a disease called Phobokemiya . One morning, Trinity woke up to her last day of force Hibernation Trance: mastery level training. Her last force power she had to learn. Sadly... Her teacher who was always up two hours early to prepare Trinity's training, did not wake up... Trinity had cried for months by herself. Alone and with no one by her side. She had promised an oath to train her force Hibernation Trance herself to a jedi grandmaster's level in her mother's honor. From the moment her mother died until now, Trinity is not the same. She is dark and stays to herself. She is not a people person and will not hesitate to kill anyone that offends her or makes fun of her being a female jedi. Although she is a jedi she is still very dark and does not abide by the jedi code of honor... But she will always be on the light side of the force when it calls out her name and will protect the ones she loves. She shall protect innocence. And she shall protect the weak. She is not to be taken as a Sith. She vowed to never stoop that low...

Weapons: Dual Lightsabers. One white with a black glow and one purple. She maintains a combat knife on her right boot and a blaster pistol in the back part of her uniform under her cloak. Always well equipped for combat.

Appearance: Lady Trinity may look like a Sith, and act like one sometimes also, but her mindset and ways of the force are forever on the light side and never the dark.

Legend has it that she has never needed to use two arms in battle. She has only used her right hand with her left under her cloak at all times. Legend has it that she has destroyed Sith more powerful than you could imagine with the simple stroke of her sword. Legend has it that she has destroyed entire armies invading the various lands she had traveled to so fast you would have thought it was a dream if you had witnessed it. Legend has it that she has taken whole haves of armies and turned them against each other like mindless puppets. This is not a legend... This is Lady Trinity.

Lady Trinity's three rules of honor:
1: Always protect the weak and never engage them in combat unless forced to.
2: Always respect your elders. Jedi or Sith.
3: Never use the full extent of your powers on a foe who is not worthy. Only on string opponents.

Other notes: She has near god-like powers in almost every ability she has learned. Force and her abilities she was born with, Telekinesis and Psychokinesis: the power to lift, alter objects, teleport, read minds, levitate and put someone in a state of hypnosis to do anything she tells them to. She has trained it to a level to where she could easily read someone's mind without using the force in a matter of milliseconds. Cut someone in half with a metal surrounding in a blink of an eye. And vanish from the scene before the victim knew what hit them.

Weaknesses: Trinity may appear a god and have powers like one, but these powers come with a price of side effects.

Side effect #1: If Trinity were to ever find a foe worthy of using her powers to their full and natural abilities, she will become extremely tired in a matter of moments.

Side effect #2: If Trinity were to ever use more than 4 force powers at a time she would become extremely weak within the starting of the fifth force power. Weak to the point where she can barely stand.

Birth illness: Her skin cannot be exposed directly to UV rays. This is why she wears armor every time she is out or holds an umbrella while outside. But while she is in buildings she is perfectly fine without her armor or things covering her skin. She is not a vampire. It is a skin defect. She likes her umbrella the most and most of the time uses it even with armor on.


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